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Piano courses, piano sheets (with lyrics) and list of the best songs for learning on piano, plus free piano tutorials

Hi there. Not sure if you’ve seen it, but I had a short questionnaire here on the main page some time ago about this topic: What content, tools and materials were you hoping to find, and what exacly were you looking for before you landed on my site.

Thanks a lot for everyone who answered my best songs to learn on piano survey! I’m very happy and grateful for it. The result indicates that the followings are the most needed:

1) Around 20% of you seems to be looking for an online course to help to learn how to play the best songs on piano.

In one of my previous posts I’ve mentioned what experiences I have about studying music, but now since this subject got quite a few votes I have to tell you that exactly this Learn piano in 30 days [Click here to see how it works] easy online piano course helped me the most to learn to play better.

It is really useful and I’m happy that I have it, because:

  • it has plenty of explanations in video format (from “positioning of your fingers” to “rythym & chords” )
  • video-animations showing – how to play – the piano keyboard (via a lot of real examples of classical and other type of songs)
  • you can learn/improve a lot in just 30 days if you want some quick results, even for total beginners
  • has very good tutorials for advanced players as well (“becoming a better/master pianist” programs)
  • this only one online package contains around 1000 piano sheets from various types and times (very cost effective)


2) Around 17 to 28 percent of you guys seems to be after all sorts of piano sheets, which can be piano sheets with letters, keyboard sheets with lyrics and comprehensive piano sheet compilations or all of these combined. The best sheet compilations should of course contain all the sheets for the best songs to play on piano as well.

I’ve researched and checked a few different solutions that can fulfill these needs, and I reckon one of the best resource is this website called Sheet Music Plus. I’ve myself used this site as well to find some sheets that I couldnt get anywhere else. I think here is more than a million piano sheets in very high quality (you wouldn’t think how important it is, saves you a lot of headache. If you’re looking for sheet music, I recommend Sheet Music Plus. They have the world’s largest selection, guaranteed low prices, and great customer service). Check here if they have the piano sheets for your personal favourite song, artist or band as well. [Click this link and use the search box] I bet you can’t think of anything they would’t have, challange their search bot here.


3) Around 40% of the visitors seems to be looking for only a list of the best songs that can be played on piano and/or the sheets for those tunes. If you are one of them as well, just scroll down to the next post which is all about that and has a top 20 list. It also has FREE PDF piano sheets in PDF format for those twenty songs, but only for those ones (there are lyrics as well where its applicable).

4) At last, most of the visitors (~45%) who answered my survey indicated that they would be happy to find free piano tutorials that show how to play some awesome songs on piano. For all of you guys I ve collected the best free piano tutorials that I could find: HAVE A LOOK AT THEM BY CLICKING HERE, sit down front of a keyboard and give it a go. If you enjoyed these, take another step forward where you become able to learn and play all and any really cool piano songs. Again,the onlie course which helped me to reach my next level was this: Learn piano in 30 days [Click here to see how it works]

It was like magic for me to be able to study from home, saving travel time & costs, schedule my lessons freely to suit my hectic life, and getting music lessons per hour a LOT cheaper compared to 1 on 1 tutoring. If you favour personal relationships tho do what you think is best for your improvement, the main goal is only to be able to play great piano songs somehow : ) . Nothing ever happens unless you make it happen.


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