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Top 3 criteria of “best” piano songs to learn

how to choose the best piano songs

how to choose the best piano songs

First of all let’s see how I defined for myself what I mean by the “best songs to learn on piano”. So what kind of songs was I looking for?

  • Well known songs that everybody recognizes. One of the main reasons why I wanted to learn to play piano was that I wanted to entertain my family and friends by playing their favourite melodies for them.
  • Songs that are easy enough to start with. Truly its an important criteria. One of the reasons why I gave up learning a couple of years ago is that after a few weeks of continious failing I lost all my interest and motivation.
    But since than I realized that there is some music which only seems to be easy, while some others are truly easy to play. I had to figure out how to distinguish between these two groups.
  • Songs that enable me to express and communicate my feelings. Probably I should’ve started with this one. Because why did people “invent” music in the first place? In my opinion to share their feelings. So while evaluating which songs to learn, I kept it in mind that it has to describe a certain mood, or to be able to create one. That can be handy.
    For example if we meet up with my friends at our haunt and we are feeling down for some reason, than it’s like a miracle if someone plays his best known happy songs on the piano..

So there I defined which are the top three criteria for me to shortlist the best songs to learn on piano. After that I started to dig through the internet. Searching, searching, researching and searching some more, and finally a bit more.

I didn’t have a simple job. I bet you ‘ve experienced it yourself as well that there are countless lists of songs out there. But all I checked I had some smaller or bigger issues with.

For example they can show you the top 10 piano songs. What? Ten only? Hmmm… I need a bigger list! (Remember my first criteria: the audience needs to know it, so I guess if I have a bigger than 10 songs long list I can find one known by others easier.)

Or let’s say I find a great collection about the most beautiful piano pieces. Chopin and Beethoven among others. Not bad, but unfortunately I don’t have years to spend getting ready to play a 5 minute long item (it was my 2nd criteria: be easy enough for beginners).

Elton John famous piano pieces

Elton John famous piano pieces

And one more thing… To be honest on those lists that I’ve found, there are many popular piano songs which still dont convey strong enough feelings, or they dont express any unique or special mood. Oh well, it’s all good, there is nothing wrong with it if a cool piano music “only” entertains us.

But I need to have some in my repertoire that really “works”. The occasions when it’s absolutely necessary: you like a girl and you’d like to impress her, or your best friend lost his job and you wanna cheer him up. You could play the most popular current song of today’s radio top hits, but it might just be very inefficient.

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