Collecting the greatest piano hits of all time – the best ones to learn

The most simple and most resultful but also the most difficult (and the most time consuming!) way of this research is if you are using the internet to sort through all the songs of the world in your quest to find the best songs to learn on piano.

     It’s a good idea if you get a notebook and organize your notes:

  • make a list of everything related that comes to your mind (your favourite songs in general, your well remembered  movie soundtracks, musicals you know, or your friends’ favourites, etc… )                
  • make a list of all the websites that has some sort of related lists, put those lists all together, eliminate the duplications and sort it through some sensible criteria (easy, well know, best classics, great modern pop or jazz etc.)
  • you could gather book titles which suggest containing must play piano pieces,then go buy them and read them
  • follow recommendations from online and offline piano schools
  • collect radio and music tv channel’s top lists, and again sort the items from these onto your own previously started most beautiful piano pieces of all time list
  • keep this notebook on you, so if you get a sudden idea anytime anywhere, or you hear a great new song you think could sound awesome on the piano than you can add it to your list

As I said before, when you have the list, you can pick any pieces of it and learn them quickly. That’s why its vital to have an awesome piano tunes list.

Now what I reckon, is that your most convinient source can be this blog right here. I’ve already done most of the hard work I’ve outlined in the bulletpoint section above (yeah I havent bought and read through all the piano stuff books, only checked my old ones left over from my childhood music school days…). But since I already had all this information collected and sorted by various criteria, I will give you my throughout best songs to learn on piano list in the next post coming in a few days.

I paid attention not to only gather these songs, but also evaluated, categorized and sorted them by difficulty (in terms of playing them on a full size piano keyboard) and by the mood they reflect, so to make it easy for anybody to select which is a good piano song to play for you. I might highlight the most easy to learn version of each song, to make it a piece of cake even for the beginners, however I know that many of you are already intermediate or advance level and are just looking for the top piano songs.

Here is a very short video of some of the items that are on my “greatest piano hits of all time” list. Please share it if you like it, so more ppl can know about it, and suggest new items to grow our toplist.

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