Piano courses, piano sheets (with lyrics) and list of the best songs for learning on piano, plus free piano tutorials

Hi there. Not sure if you’ve seen it, but I had a short questionnaire here on the main page some time ago about this topic: What content, tools and materials were you hoping to find, and what exacly were you looking for before you landed on my site.

Thanks a lot for everyone who answered my best songs to learn on piano survey! I’m very happy and grateful for it. The result indicates that the followings are the most needed:

1) Around 20% of you seems to be looking for an online course to help to learn how to play the best songs on piano.

In one of my previous posts I’ve mentioned what experiences I have about studying music, but now since this subject got quite a few votes I have to tell you that exactly this Learn piano in 30 days [Click here to see how it works] easy online piano course helped me the most to learn to play better.

It is really useful and I’m happy that I have it, because:

  • it has plenty of explanations in video format (from “positioning of your fingers” to “rythym & chords” )
  • video-animations showing – how to play – the piano keyboard (via a lot of real examples of classical and other type of songs)
  • you can learn/improve a lot in just 30 days if you want some quick results, even for total beginners
  • has very good tutorials for advanced players as well (“becoming a better/master pianist” programs)
  • this only one online package contains around 1000 piano sheets from various types and times (very cost effective)


2) Around 17 to 28 percent of you guys seems to be after all sorts of piano sheets, which can be piano sheets with letters, keyboard sheets with lyrics and comprehensive piano sheet compilations or all of these combined. The best sheet compilations should of course contain all the sheets for the best songs to play on piano as well.

I’ve researched and checked a few different solutions that can fulfill these needs, and I reckon one of the best resource is this website called Sheet Music Plus. I’ve myself used this site as well to find some sheets that I couldnt get anywhere else. I think here is more than a million piano sheets in very high quality (you wouldn’t think how important it is, saves you a lot of headache. If you’re looking for sheet music, I recommend Sheet Music Plus. They have the world’s largest selection, guaranteed low prices, and great customer service). Check here if they have the piano sheets for your personal favourite song, artist or band as well. [Click this link and use the search box] I bet you can’t think of anything they would’t have, challange their search bot here.


3) Around 40% of the visitors seems to be looking for only a list of the best songs that can be played on piano and/or the sheets for those tunes. If you are one of them as well, just scroll down to the next post which is all about that and has a top 20 list. It also has FREE PDF piano sheets in PDF format for those twenty songs, but only for those ones (there are lyrics as well where its applicable).

4) At last, most of the visitors (~45%) who answered my survey indicated that they would be happy to find free piano tutorials that show how to play some awesome songs on piano. For all of you guys I ve collected the best free piano tutorials that I could find: HAVE A LOOK AT THEM BY CLICKING HERE, sit down front of a keyboard and give it a go. If you enjoyed these, take another step forward where you become able to learn and play all and any really cool piano songs. Again,the onlie course which helped me to reach my next level was this: Learn piano in 30 days [Click here to see how it works]

It was like magic for me to be able to study from home, saving travel time & costs, schedule my lessons freely to suit my hectic life, and getting music lessons per hour a LOT cheaper compared to 1 on 1 tutoring. If you favour personal relationships tho do what you think is best for your improvement, the main goal is only to be able to play great piano songs somehow : ) . Nothing ever happens unless you make it happen.


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Top 20 piano songs that everybody can learn – classics, evergreens, songs from movies and latest hits

As I promised in my previous post (about my methods), finally I reveal my list of the best songs to learn on piano.  

Let me say a few words about the categories first. During my research I noticed that perhaps the most common grouping is this: classical music, evergreens, latest hits and soundtracks. So I decided to group these cool songs to play on piano into the same 4 classes. At the moment I’m showing you the 5 must know tunes for all above groups  and these are the ones that really can be played on the piano, as you will see.

For every song I’ve given a comment for the mood it represents: romantic, love, happiness, calming, relaxing, shakes you up, motivates, etc.

Beside that I’ve rated them by difficulty to learn on a list of 1 to 10. Unfortunately it can’t be 100% accurate and objective, but I double checked how widely it’s known, how fast it is and how easy it is to learn and play on piano.

You can try to play them all yourself, they are really beautiful piano songs to learn. I ll give links to all of them for it’s notes and for a video of it as well. I try to give you the notes for free (downloadable in pdf), and I think I’ll link videos of the original songs, and the piano versions as well.

After all that explanations, here is the list:


These are fresh or up to 2 years old songs. The point is that the youngest generation who knows what a top list means will know all of these.

Author / Title YouTube PDF sheet Mood Difficulty (1-10)
Lana Del Rey – Brooklyn Baby pathetic 5
OneRepublic – Apologize calm 4
Coldplay – Clocks romantic 4
Bruno Mars – Count On Me cheering 4
John Legend – All of Me romantic 6


The best songs of the past ten-twenty-thirty years. All playable on the keyboard and any kind of piano. There is one exception tho, the Bohemian Rhapsody just had it’s 40th birthday recently. Some songs are like wine, they just get better by the years.

Author / Title YouTube PDF sheet Mood Difficulty (1-10)
Bon Jovi – Always romantic 3
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody pathetic 6
Guns N’ Roses – November Rain romantic 5
The Spice Girls – Viva Forever calm 5
John Lennon – Imagine romantic 4


Beautiful piano songs from movies: there are some newer ones and older ones as well in this group. Some of the movies these songs are in won Oscar, some are sitcom series. So they differ a lot, but after all I still think everybody knows all of them:

Author / Title YouTube PDF sheet Mood Difficulty (1-10)
Yann Tiersen – Comptine D’un Autre été, L’Après-midi romantic 6
The Rembrandts – I’ll Be There For You cheering 6
The Simpsons – Main theme cheering 5
Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On (Titanic Theme Song) romantic 4
Shrek – Fairytale calm 4


Finally I wanna list the best classical piano songs to learn. Most of them you will know, but I tryed to sneak in some surprises. Don’t get too bored! : )  . I think the surprise one(s) are relatively easy and express a lot of feelings, which I believe are very important as I detailed in the previous posts.

Author / Title YouTube PDF sheet Mood Difficulty (1-10)
Beethoven – Moonlight Sonata (1st movement) romantic 3
Claude Debussy – Clair de Lune calm 7
Beethoven – Fur Elise cheering 5
Pachelbel – Canon In D Piano romantic 4
Erik Satie – Gymnopédie No.1 calm 5
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Collecting the greatest piano hits of all time – the best ones to learn

The most simple and most resultful but also the most difficult (and the most time consuming!) way of this research is if you are using the internet to sort through all the songs of the world in your quest to find the best songs to learn on piano.

     It’s a good idea if you get a notebook and organize your notes:

  • make a list of everything related that comes to your mind (your favourite songs in general, your well remembered  movie soundtracks, musicals you know, or your friends’ favourites, etc… )                
  • make a list of all the websites that has some sort of related lists, put those lists all together, eliminate the duplications and sort it through some sensible criteria (easy, well know, best classics, great modern pop or jazz etc.)
  • you could gather book titles which suggest containing must play piano pieces,then go buy them and read them
  • follow recommendations from online and offline piano schools
  • collect radio and music tv channel’s top lists, and again sort the items from these onto your own previously started most beautiful piano pieces of all time list
  • keep this notebook on you, so if you get a sudden idea anytime anywhere, or you hear a great new song you think could sound awesome on the piano than you can add it to your list

As I said before, when you have the list, you can pick any pieces of it and learn them quickly. That’s why its vital to have an awesome piano tunes list.

Now what I reckon, is that your most convinient source can be this blog right here. I’ve already done most of the hard work I’ve outlined in the bulletpoint section above (yeah I havent bought and read through all the piano stuff books, only checked my old ones left over from my childhood music school days…). But since I already had all this information collected and sorted by various criteria, I will give you my throughout best songs to learn on piano list in the next post coming in a few days.

I paid attention not to only gather these songs, but also evaluated, categorized and sorted them by difficulty (in terms of playing them on a full size piano keyboard) and by the mood they reflect, so to make it easy for anybody to select which is a good piano song to play for you. I might highlight the most easy to learn version of each song, to make it a piece of cake even for the beginners, however I know that many of you are already intermediate or advance level and are just looking for the top piano songs.

Here is a very short video of some of the items that are on my “greatest piano hits of all time” list. Please share it if you like it, so more ppl can know about it, and suggest new items to grow our toplist.

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Learn the best piano pieces quickly

Learn the best piano pieces

Learn the best piano pieces

There are some preconceptions about learning fun songs to play on piano. Too often it’s thought to be difficult, but I don’t agree with that. Therefor I think one of the most important and effective thing to do is to simply forget about this myth, totally ignore it in order to be mentally ready to get into the best songs to learn on piano.

The second one (which originates from the traditional piano school system) is that if you want to play pop or jazz, than first of all you should start with learning classical music. But it’s also not true like that. Moreover you can learn music theory through popular songs as well.

The third one is that you need to know all the chords and all the notes to sit down in front of a keyboard and play on it. Not true again! The most important is to start using your existing knowledge in a way that you can play your latest favourite songs as well.

easy piano songs for kids

easy piano songs for kids

Inpatience and too high expectations are usually causing troubles for adults as well. They give up more easily than kids. But why is it like that? When a child is learning to play the piano he or she usually knows less songs in general, so they are not stressing about that “how many songs I still can’t play”. Adults however might compare their current level with for example how the beautiful piano songs from movies sound. This can lead to more frustration and less focus to the next details to practice. So I think its best to appreciate the knowledge we currently have. We can still grow from there and sooner or later we can get to the point where we want to be.

Tori Amos well known piano songs

Tori Amos well known piano songs

There is another way we can get confused. If something seems to be too easy. For example we can already play a famous piano tune after only some short practice sessions and than we don’t understand how did it happen. This can be because sometimes we think that every progress and improvement must be hard. Actually the opposite is true. When you find some easy piano song that you can learn in a short time, – that’s when you are doing well!
To accept that it is OK, visualize this mountain climbing metaphore: why would you want to get to the top via the steepest rocks if there is another path which can lead you to the same peak, but without the struggle! So I think we can master the best songs to learn on piano by taking the smart way, not the hard way. Don’t expect it to be unbelievebly difficult, sometimes it can be surprisingly easy. There are many easy piano songs that sound hard.

In my previous post I’ve mentioned how important it can be to express your feelings when playing the piano. One way of that is improvisation which reflects your current mood. Many thinks that only after they are good at music theory and mastered countless items, than they could start to improvise. Again, the opposite is more likely. Every now and then the most beautiful tunes are not that complicated at all.

Ray Charles great piano pieces

Ray Charles great piano pieces

What do you think how were the best songs to learn on piano born? Many musicians don’t start by studying to read music, but just start to impovise. Be brave and you can do it too. Don’t expect tho that you ‘ll suddenly become Beethoven or Ray Charles, or just by hitting more and more keys will somehow create a song automatically. Do it slowly, look for good little snippets or just a few sounds that sound good together. These can come from you, or from part of a popular melodie. Make notes and next time you can expand it further, then improvisation becomes music writing.

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Top 3 criteria of “best” piano songs to learn

how to choose the best piano songs

how to choose the best piano songs

First of all let’s see how I defined for myself what I mean by the “best songs to learn on piano”. So what kind of songs was I looking for?

  • Well known songs that everybody recognizes. One of the main reasons why I wanted to learn to play piano was that I wanted to entertain my family and friends by playing their favourite melodies for them.
  • Songs that are easy enough to start with. Truly its an important criteria. One of the reasons why I gave up learning a couple of years ago is that after a few weeks of continious failing I lost all my interest and motivation.
    But since than I realized that there is some music which only seems to be easy, while some others are truly easy to play. I had to figure out how to distinguish between these two groups.
  • Songs that enable me to express and communicate my feelings. Probably I should’ve started with this one. Because why did people “invent” music in the first place? In my opinion to share their feelings. So while evaluating which songs to learn, I kept it in mind that it has to describe a certain mood, or to be able to create one. That can be handy.
    For example if we meet up with my friends at our haunt and we are feeling down for some reason, than it’s like a miracle if someone plays his best known happy songs on the piano..

So there I defined which are the top three criteria for me to shortlist the best songs to learn on piano. After that I started to dig through the internet. Searching, searching, researching and searching some more, and finally a bit more.

I didn’t have a simple job. I bet you ‘ve experienced it yourself as well that there are countless lists of songs out there. But all I checked I had some smaller or bigger issues with.

For example they can show you the top 10 piano songs. What? Ten only? Hmmm… I need a bigger list! (Remember my first criteria: the audience needs to know it, so I guess if I have a bigger than 10 songs long list I can find one known by others easier.)

Or let’s say I find a great collection about the most beautiful piano pieces. Chopin and Beethoven among others. Not bad, but unfortunately I don’t have years to spend getting ready to play a 5 minute long item (it was my 2nd criteria: be easy enough for beginners).

Elton John famous piano pieces

Elton John famous piano pieces

And one more thing… To be honest on those lists that I’ve found, there are many popular piano songs which still dont convey strong enough feelings, or they dont express any unique or special mood. Oh well, it’s all good, there is nothing wrong with it if a cool piano music “only” entertains us.

But I need to have some in my repertoire that really “works”. The occasions when it’s absolutely necessary: you like a girl and you’d like to impress her, or your best friend lost his job and you wanna cheer him up. You could play the most popular current song of today’s radio top hits, but it might just be very inefficient.

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